Turkey has good reason to worry

President Barack Obama and his administration are giving America’s allies one more reason to distrust us.

This month, the Pentagon revealed U.S. Patriot missiles are being withdrawn from Turkey. The pullout is because the Syrian regime, which still possesses a few Scud missiles, no longer is viewed as a threat to Turkey.

What about Iran? In March, that country unveiled a new long-range cruise missile, the Soumar. It is capable of hitting Turkey.

And at some future date – even assuming a pact intended to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons is implemented – Tehran may have atomic warheads for its missiles. If so, it will be able to engage in nuclear blackmail against the Turks – who will have no missile defense help from the United States.

One could hardly blame the Turks for wondering whether now would be a good time to reconsider the usefulness of the existing alliance with the United States. Other Mideastern nations have similar concerns.