This IS terrorist will be prosecuted

An Islamic State terrorist who helped create the horror of American Kayla Mueller’s last months probably will be held accountable for her crimes, even though U.S. officials have announced they will not charge her in this country.

They could have done so.

Umm Sayyaf – the wife of an Islamic State official – was captured by U.S. special forces during the May raid in Syria in which her husband was killed.

Sayyaf helped keep Mueller in captivity as she was forced to endure being treated as the “wife” of another terrorist. Reportedly, Sayyaf was involved in some of the brutality inflicted on Mueller, who the terrorists say was killed in a Jordanian bombing raid.

U.S. officials should have kept the option of charging Sayyaf open.

But in handing her over to the justice of Iraqi Kurds, they may have ensured she will face far harsher punishment than in the U.S. court system.

It is important to hold those who willingly assist IS accountable for their actions.


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