She deserves the Medal of Freedom

American Kayla Mueller went to the Middle East because she wanted to help people. As a result, she was captured by Islamic State terrorists. For many months she was a sex slave to IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Enduring horrors simply unimaginable to most people, Mueller still tried to help. She reportedly tried to protect three teenage girls also held as sex slaves in Syria. “She was like a mother figure to them,” Mueller’s mother said she was told.

Last October the three teens decided to escape. They asked Mueller to go with them in what turned out to be a successful flight.

Mueller refused, one of the girls told U.S. commandos who interviewed her. She was afraid her obvious Western appearance would jeopardize the three Middle Eastern girls in their risky escape.

Kayla Mueller, 26 when she died – IS terrorists insist that happened in a Jordanian bombing raid -was a heroine.

The Medal of Freedom, awarded by the president, is the highest honor that can be granted to an American civilian. Scores of people have received it. It has gone to politicians, diplomats, authors, athletes and entertainers.

Kayla Mueller might have escaped but for her concern about three girls. Surely Mueller, who gave her life for others, is a heroine who merits a Medal of Freedom.


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