Planning for tomorrow is crucial

The local economy is booming. Fort Dodge and Webster County are poised to make the early decades of the 21st century a time of remarkable positive transition.

Making certain that tomorrow turns out to be everything it can be requires careful planning. Fortunately, local governmental and private sector leaders are working hard to make certain that the widespread input is gained as the plans for the future are crafted.

A good example of the opportunities being provided for thoughtful dialogue was the well-attended meeting held earlier this month to solicit comment by downtown business and property owners regarding the Fort Dodge Comprehensive Plan.

This session was an excellent event. Many of the people who took part have a major stake in the future of downtown. That they came together to contemplate and discuss how the central business district might evolve in the years ahead is exceptionally worthwhile.

Dialogue of this sort is critical to the process of developing plans that reflect a broad consensus on how the heart of our town will change in the days and years ahead.

The Messenger regards meetings of this type as crucial to the planning process. It is immensely gratifying that so many Fort Dodgers took the time to participate. We applaud their commitment to this community’s future.