Enthusiasm for Clinton is declining

Rumors recently that former Vice President Al Gore was considering another run for the White House said something about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy – and it was not good.

Gore, 67, narrowly lost the 2000 presidential election to George W. Bush. A substantial number of admirers have hoped since then he would try again.

Democratic Party officials quickly denied there was any truth to reports Gore would run again this year.

Still, the fact his name was being bandied about – combined with the very real possibility Vice President Joe Biden would enter the race – will lead some voters to wonder: What is it about Clinton that the political insiders know, but the rest of us do not – yet?

Clearly, Clinton’s campaign has been losing steam after a start in which it was virtually assumed she would be the party’s candidate for president.

At the heart of it is the question of whether Clinton’s transgressions legally and against the trust of the American people can drive her out of the race.

Obviously, some insiders are exploring options other than Clinton because they view that as a possibility.


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