Iran pact warrants close scrutiny

Members of the United Nations Security Council recently voted unanimously to support a proposed agreement with Iran over production of nuclear weapons. This was part of President Barack Obama’s attempt to paint Congress into a corner over the pact.

Many lawmakers, both Democratic and Republican, have serious concerns the arrangement will do much, if anything, to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons. There is some possibility Congress may balk at lifting U.S. economic sanctions against the Tehran regime.

But Obama is acting quickly to gain U.N. support – and removal of sanctions by other countries.

Within days, Obama may be able to tell Congress the rest of the world is moving ahead to approve the Iran deal and eliminate sanctions – action that could be worth $100 billion to Tehran.

And Obama has authority over some U.S. sanctions. No doubt he already has issued instructions to begin the process of lifting them.

His goal is to make any negative action by Congress irrelevant, of course. The threat to veto any bill not favorable to the Iran deal adds weight to that strategy.

But keeping nuclear weapons out of Iranian hands is critically important. Members of Congress should study the proposed pact carefully and vote in the best interests of Americans – no matter how the rest of the world handles the matter.


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