Still appreciates Daryl Beall

To the editor:

With the Iowa Legislature commencing this week, one of its best legislators, Sen. Daryl Beall, will not be in attendance. Sen. Beall was defeated this fall by Republican Tim Kraayenbrink. Daryl was a hard-working, effective, across-the-aisle Democrat who always thought of his constituents as “his bosses” and tirelessly worked for us and our well-being regardless of political stripe. Thank you, Daryl for your wonderful years of public service.

Mr. Kraayenbrink has big shoes to fill and I hope he will take pages from Mr. Beall’s playbook. Upon his election, he said, “I am looking forward to working on issues important to Republicans.” Does that leave out Democrats? Many live and work in Fort Dodge, the same city in which you reside. I hope not.

I wish Mr. Kraayenbrink well, but please don’t forget the rest of us.

Larry Mitchell

Fort Dodge


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