Israel deserves strong U.S. support

It is no wonder Israelis are so frustrated with the “international community” and, in particular, the United States. When other nations address the ongoing conflict between Israel on one side and the Palestinians and their supporters on the other, pressure is directed almost exclusively at Tel Aviv.

It may be about to happen again. Reportedly, the Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations plans to introduce a resolution that would set a two-year deadline for a peace agreement between his people and Israel.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was in Rome recently, meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the proposal. If recent history is any guide, Kerry pressured the Israeli leader to accept the proposed two-year timetable.

But what would promotion of such a deadline by the U.N. accomplish? Only to put pressure on Israelis.

More times than can be counted, Palestinian officials have blamed Israelis for blocking peace efforts – then turned blind eyes as terrorists fired rockets into the Jewish state or launched other types of attacks.

Just what effective pressure has the international community used to push the Palestinians to negotiate in good faith?

There has been none.

It takes two to negotiate a lasting peace agreement. Pressuring one side to meet a deadline – putting the burden for success solely on the Israelis – would merely encourage extremists in the Palestinian ranks to toughen their own stances.


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