Pursuing the wrong priorities

Clean water and effective sewage treatment are serious, immediate environmental concerns for tens of millions of Americans in rural areas and small towns where funds for such purposes are limited. Yet President Barack Obama, supported by his Environmental Protection Agency, wants to slash federal funding for water and sewer projects.

U.S. Rep. David McKinley, R-W.Va., confronted EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy about the issue, during a House of Representatives committee hearing this week. Asked by McKinley whether she supports Obama’s priorities, including $581 million in cuts to clean water and sewer projects, McCarthy replied, “I certainly do.”

Meanwhile, the White House is eager to throw away billions of dollars in subsidies for “alternative” energy projects and climate change initiatives.

McCarthy insisted such spending should take priority over clean water and sewer programs. She tried to blame Congress for restricting government spending.

Killing even one or two big “alternative” energy subsidies would fund the water and sewer program fully. That is what Congress should insist Obama do.


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