Administration needs to be more transparent

Nearly 400 airplane flights taken for personal reasons by Attorney General Eric Holder and other top Justice Department officials were not included in government reports on use of aircraft.

According to the Government Accountability Office, which exposed the secrecy over personal use of federal aircraft, the flights between 2009-2011 cost taxpayers $7.8 million. Officials using government planes for personal use are supposed to reimburse the General Services Administration. Justice Department officials insist that is done.

Why the secrecy, then?

GAO investigators point out there were no national security considerations involved in the 395 flights for personal reasons.

The Justice Department’s lame response to the GAO report was that Congress and members of the public are free to obtain information about personal use of aircraft – if they file formal Freedom of Information Act requests.

President Barack Obama’s administration is among the most secretive in history. This is a situation in which Americans should demand they not be kept in the dark.


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