Let’s keep our military strong

In some ways, Americans face more military threats to our security than the nation did in the days leading up to World War II.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made it clear the end of the Soviet Union did not draw the curtain on Moscow’s ambitions. He made that abundantly clear in sending troops to take over part of Ukraine.

In addition, China, now an economic powerhouse, is expanding its navy. Threats to our oil supply in the Middle East remain very real. Rogue states including North Korea and Iran have or are on the verge of building nuclear arsenals. And, of course, Islamic terrorists are active in every corner of the globe.

Yet President Barack Obama wants to weaken the U.S. military to a point not seen since before Pearl Harbor.

That is simply insane.

It sounds almost as if Obama is intent on reducing the United States to begging for national security help as we have been forced to request Russia for assistance in sending crews and equipment into space. It explains much to those wondering why Obama continually refers to “the international community” in times when the potential for conflict seems high.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has revealed the administration’s plan: It calls for reducing the Army from current strength of 520,000 troops to as low as 440,000. They would receive lower benefits under the plan.

By all means, cut the enormous waste in defense spending.

But Obama’s plan is to cut military muscle, not fat. In today’s world, that is an invitation to disaster.


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