Crime Stoppers helps keep our county safe

Totally eliminating crime from our communities is a goal that can never be achieved fully, but there’s a good deal that can be done to move closer to that ideal.

High-quality, professional law enforcement is a vital part of any game plan to get crime under control. Even the best policing can’t be effective, however, unless citizens do their part to keep crime at bay.

That’s where Crime Stoppers enters the picture.

Crime Stoppers is a nonprofit organization that mobilizes members of the community to help generate the information critical to identifying and capturing criminals. It’s based on the assumption that when a crime occurs, there are often people who have information police officials need. People fail to come forward for various reasons. Some fear reprisal. Others are apathetic or worry about assorted ramifications of “getting involved.”

The Crime Stoppers program addresses these issues by offering people a way to provide information anonymously and providing cash rewards for information that leads to arrests.

The first Crime Stoppers organization was launched in New Mexico almost 39 years ago. The idea caught on quickly. Today Crime Stoppers boasts affiliates throughout the United States and in many other countries.

Here in Webster County, Crime Stoppers has been an asset to law enforcement for more than a quarter century. The impact of Webster County Crime Stoppers has been impressive. During the last decade and a half in excess of 80 percent of the more than 1,000 criminals on its most-wanted list have been arrested. Rewards paid out have totaled well over $100,000.

Crime Stoppers locally is in the midst of its annual membership drive. Its goal this year is 200 members. Joining this impressive organization is a good way to help keep our community as crime-free as possible.

The Messenger applauds the important work Crime Stoppers has undertaken. By helping this organization accomplish its goals, local residents can assist in making this a safer community.

Crime Stoppers can be contacted anonymously by calling 573-1444 or via text. For further information check out the Crime Stoppers website – www.wccrimestoppers.com.