Congress should monitor this policy closely

Allowing immigrants with links to terrorists to stay in the United States makes no sense. We have plenty of applicants for entry who revere this country without giving breaks to those who do not.

Not long after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, immigration policy was altered to bar people who had provided support to terrorists from living here.

Now President Barack Obama’s administration, without consulting Congress, has changed that policy. Henceforth, potential immigrants who have provided only “limited material support” to terrorists will be permitted to come to the United States and stay here.

That may be only fair in some cases, such as people who, when young, merely demonstrated against repressive regimes – without having direct links to violent radicals.

No one with any connection whatsoever to an organization or individual advocating violence should be allowed to come to the United States, however. Again, good men and women with no such links are turned down for residence here every day.

Why should those who may favor terrorism be given breaks?

Congress should monitor the new policy. At the very first indication it is placing Americans at risk, lawmakers should step in and order Obama to revert to the old safeguards.