Winning by stalling

Clearly, President Barack Obama is stalling the American people, hoping they will believe his claims about Obamacare until it is too late to repeal the program.

That already has occurred for millions of people whose health insurance policies have been canceled. As of Dec. 3, the number in that category was about four million – far more than have signed up for insurance through Obamacare.

It is known Obama misled for years about whether those people could keep the insurance they had, if they liked it. In a purely public relations move a few weeks ago, he said those who receive insurance cancellation notices would be able to keep their coverage for another year.

As the president probably knew at the time, the change came too late. Insurance companies and state insurance commissioners throughout the country said that – because of Obamacare – coverage such as that in most of the canceled policies simply does not exist anymore.

On Dec. 2, White House officials claimed severe problems with the www.healthcare.gov website have been corrected. The site was visited about a million times that day, they claimed.

Then a reporter asked how many of those visitors actually enrolled for insurance coverage. The White House would not say.

The arrogance of releasing a flattering number, then refusing to provide one that might reflect badly on the administration, is breathtaking.


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