Todd Redenius is back

The hero in Thomas Wolfe’s famous novel – published more than seven decades ago – may have concluded that “you can’t go home again,” but it turns out sometimes you can and should.

Todd Redenius, the innovative, much-respected former director of the Fort Dodge Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department, is back in his old hometown. He departed Fort Dodge to head a similar department in Ankeny, but now has returned to assume a key role at the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance.

Dennis Plautz, chief executive officer of the Growth Alliance, announced late last month that Redenius was selected to be the group’s community development director in part because of his demonstrated ability to work constructively with both public and private sector entities.

“Todd brings a very diverse background and ability to build collaboration and communication,” Plautz said.

The Messenger heartily agrees that Redenius is a terrific choice for this important role. During his previous employment in Fort Dodge, Redenius’ dedication and expertise helped first the local YMCA and later the Recreation Department evolve creatively in response to changing community needs.

Redenius told The Messenger he was inspired to come home because he wants to help our town take advantage of exciting opportunities to build a bright future.

“The momentum in Fort Dodge is incredible right now and to have a chance to be part of that and do what I can to make Fort Dodge a great place to live, work and play was very attractive to me,” Redenius said.

Welcome home, Todd.

We’re delighted to have you back on the home team.