Iowa Central keeps getting stronger

Iowa Central Community College is an enormous asset to all of north central Iowa.

Not only does it provide affordable educational opportunities, the college also helps make certain that workers with the right technical skills are available to present and future employers.

One of the many measures of a success for a college is enrollment. Students demonstrate high regard for an institution by selecting it for their educational pursuits.

Iowa Central continues to be highly popular with students.

For the fall semester of the current academic year, 6,216 students signed up for classes. That is very nearly the same as was the case for the two previous years, but represents a dramatic increase from a decade ago. In fall 2003, Iowa Central enrolled 5,163 students. That means that during the current year there are 20 percent more students taking classes at Iowa Central than was the case just 10 years back. The college has experienced steady enrollment growth – a trend that seems likely to continue.

Some of Iowa Central’s students are high-schoolers taking advantage of the partnership the college has established with local schools that allows college credit to be earned while still in high school. This program affords hundreds of young people the chance to get a head start on college while permitting families to save. The leaders at the college have worked hard to build strong relationships with area school systems.

Distance learning, which includes courses for credit taken online, is also proving a popular option.

Many of Iowa Central’s educational programs are of vital importance to area employers. The college has established strong partnerships with business and industry leaders throughout the region.

It’s no exaggeration to claim that the continued growth and success of this college is a vital component of the economic development strategy for our region.

Iowa Central is an excellent educational institution. The upbeat enrollment figures show that more and more people have found the college’s resources pertinent to their diverse educational needs.

That’s good news for the thousands of students who are taking advantage of Iowa Central’s many programs. It’s also strong evidence that the investment the public has made in Iowa Central is proving wise indeed.