Bullying must be stopped

The little 11-year-old girl in London, Ohio, frequently came home from school crying, her parents told police recently. She was teased for her appearance and because of her attention deficit hyperactivity disorder both in and out of school.

A few days ago, she hanged herself in her bedroom. Police are investigating whether bullying drove her to suicide.

Officials in her school district have emphasized they do not tolerate bullying. How many times have we heard that, from school officials throughout the nation?

We know of no teacher or school administrator who tolerates bullying – when it is apparent to them. But youthful bullies know that and often are careful to conceal their behavior from adults. Other children know, however.

Bullying is not as much a school issue as it is a societal problem. If you have children, ask them about bullying. If they or anyone they know is a victim, do something about it.