Back plant and equipment levy

It’s time to go to the polls to provide our town’s public school system with the resources it needs to keep an excellent educational system strong.

On Tuesday, Fort Dodge Community School District voters will decide whether or not to approve a proposal to renew for 10 years the district’s physical plant and equipment levy – PPEL – and increase it by 37 cents to $1.67 per $1,000 of assessed property valuation.

A positive vote will add about $600,000 per year to the amount available to the school district for construction and maintenance projects and technology and transportation equipment. It does not fund school programs, activities or supplies.

The district’s need for this additional revenue is significant.

“(Our) needs have grown and increased as far as taking a look at the infrastructure and the need to repair some of our buildings, from the roofs to windows, to lighting, heating, cooling,” Doug Van Zyl, FDCSD superintendent, told The Messenger. “All those things, as in any building, have a need for repair and maintenance. The reason we need to have this levy done again is the 10 years are up, and this is what we use to do the majority of our facility needs and repairs.”

The Messenger agrees with the superintendent and the members of the school board that the renewal of this levy and the requested increase are both necessary and justified. Keeping our community’s public school system top-notch is vitally important to the town’s continued growth and prosperity.

Take the time to go to the polls Tuesday to support this important investment in the future of Fort Dodge.