133rd is nation’s best

The 133rd Test Squadron plays a highly significant role in our nation’s defense. It tests communication gear, radar, data links and software before it is issued to all branches of the military. It has the distinction of being the only Air National Guard unit with this type of specialization. The Fort Dodge-based squadron also has just been honored as the best unit of its type in the nation.

The 133rd Test Squadron has received the 2012 Air Force Outstanding Unit Award.

“The 133rd Test Squadron was selected for this prestigious award because the unit’s airmen are high achievers working together to exceed the standards,” Maj. Gen. Timothy Orr, the adjutant general of the Iowa National Guard, wrote in a letter announcing the award. “The effort and resulting achievement of each and every member is recognized with this award.”

That’s an enormous accomplishment that should be a source of pride not only to unit’s members, but also to all area residents. This impressive achievement by a remarkable team of professionals strengthens our nation’s defenses and brings honor to our town and state.

The Messenger salutes the 133rd Test Squadron for its excellence.