The truth is emerging

Former House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told Americans we’d just have to wait until President Barack Obama’s national health care law was enacted to learn what was in it.

Well, we’re learning more and more about “Obamacare,” and we’re finding we were misled.

Part of the law requires insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing health conditions. That wouldn’t cost health insurance policy holders anything, we were assured.

Now it develops “Obamacare” includes an annual charge for each health insurance policy holder to help defray the cost of coverage for those with pre-existing medical conditions. The charge – initially $63 – allegedly will go away after a few years.

At least Pelosi was telling the truth about one thing: There’s a lot about “Obamacare” Americans weren’t told before it was enacted. Much of it will cost us all money – despite what we were assured.