Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Vice President Joe Biden is apparently dropping hints that he may make a run to succeed Barack Obama in 2016. It’s been reported that Biden made some noises at inaugural balls and hosted an afternoon reception at his residence Sunday, inviting party activists from early voting states, including Iowa.

Of course, as TV broadcasters are fond of reminding us, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, provided she survives politically after congressional questioning about the Benghazi massacre, is likely still the Democratic favorite, should she choose to run.

Let’s not forget that Sen. Marco Rubio, of Florida, fueled rumors of a presidential run when he attended Gov. Terry Branstad’s birthday party in November – mere weeks after the 2012 election.

There’s also talk about Lousiana’s Gov. Bobby Jindal and New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie.

Please, oh please, could voters – especially Iowa voters – get a break from presidential politics?

It’s hard to imagine, but in some states, voters never get to meet even one of the presidential contenders. In Iowa, presidential politics is fast becoming a nonstop activity. It almost requires an intentional strategy to avoid running into a candidate in Iowa, especially during the final 18 months of a presidential campaign.

And, given the contentiousness that accompanies today’s politics, it’s likely there is more air pollution generated by the wannabes than any fossil fuel can generate.

Iowans deserve at least a small break in the presidential election cycle. Whatever the politicians are planning, considering, plotting or imagining, most Iowans would appreciate them more if they – and the national pundits – just kept it to themselves for a while.