Out-of-control spending must be curtailed

Two years ago President Barack Obama warned that unless he got his way from Congress with an unqualified increase in the national debt ceiling, terrible things would happen. A government shutdown was possible, he hinted. Social Security checks would be delayed, Obama insisted.

He got his way. Congress increased the debt ceiling.

Just weeks ago, Obama tried scare tactics again. Unless Congress granted him big tax increases with almost no accompanying cuts in federal spending, the nation would go over a terrible fiscal cliff, he said.

Again, Obama won.

So it should be no surprise he’s at it again in new demands for a higher borrowing limit so he can add to the existing $16.4 trillion national debt.

If conservatives in Congress insist on reduced federal spending and delay giving him a higher debt ceiling, Social Security payments will be delayed and U.S. troops may not be paid, Obama said this week.

He’s won every time by portraying conservative lawmakers as irresponsible. In the process, truly irresponsible federal spending has been permitted.

When will we Americans stop falling for Obama’s strategy and recognize his tax-and-spend plan is what should really scare the dickens out of us?