No blank checks for presidents

Assume for a moment that you could increase the borrowing limit on your credit card any time you wanted, without even notifying the financial institution from which you got it. Now that would be one sweet deal.

Until you couldn’t make the monthly payments. And until your spouse asked what you were trying to pull by increasing the family’s debt without talking it over first.

Well, that’s precisely what President Barack Obama wants to do.

Current law requires that the executive branch can borrow money to run government only up to a limit set by Congress, the so-called “debt ceiling.” Periodically, often after bitter debate over our ever-increasing national debt (nearly $16.4 trillion and growing), Congress has to increase the ceiling.

Obama is demanding he and future presidents be given authority to increase the ceiling on their own.

That’s crazy. Conservative lawmakers of both parties should reject the plan flatly. No president should be handed a blank check.