Eldon (Jeep) LeRoy Kirk born Dec 7, 1934 to Feb 6, 2020.

Jeep passed away in his home in Alton, MO. Jeep lived in Rockwell City all his life till he moved to Alton, MO in Sept. He was married to Faire Eva Woodard from Dec 16, 1960 to July 5th 2016 when she passed away. He was survived by his 4 daughters. Donna (Steve) Diekmann, Kathleen (Mike) Daisy, Lynette Kirk, and Mary Arts. He had 10 grand children, 35 great grandchildren and 3 great great grandkids. Jeep was also the father figure to Billie Joe Rule-Henery. Jeep had a passion for fishing, camping, and bingo.