Donald (Donny) James Loftus died on January 16, 2019, in San Diego, CA. He was 74 years old. Don will be cremated in San Diego where he lived for many years near the ocean. His ashes will be placed in the ocean he so greatly enjoyed.

Don was born 07/07/1945 and was the eldest son of ten children born into the family of Donald Loftus Sr. and Vivian Dodd-Loftus of Gilmore City, Iowa

He leaves behind his son, Matthew Loftus and daughter Kelly Reagor in addition to grandchildren Jacob, Avery and Grace.

Don was preceded in death by his brothers, Michael, Thomas, James and sister Christine Henning-Brock.

Don’s remaining siblings, sisters, Rosemary Hake, Kathy Tulk, Patricia Fevold, Joan Wuiff in addition to brothers Stephen and Brian remain to grieve his passing.

He honorably served his country in the army and subsequently graduated from the University of Iowa and Creighton University School of Law, Omaha, Nebraska

Don was the first in our family to earn a college/law degree and we were all very proud of him. He had a beautiful voice and sang at various venues. He learned to fly and for a time had his own plane. He traveled to places like Paris and Ireland and we enjoyed the stories and pictures he shared with us. Don was never afraid to reach high to attain his dreams and aspired to be a kind, helpful, generous man.

We know that in his last years his religion and belief in God gave him solace and peace.