Rental inspections to resume

The city of Fort Dodge intends to resume rental housing inspections on or about Feb. 1, 2021. The inspections that were cancelled in March 2020 will be the first to be rescheduled. Owners will be notified via USPS mail for this first group of inspections with the goal of transitioning to the preferred communication method of email. The city requests that owners email the city of Fort Dodge at rentalhousing@fortdodgeiowa.org with the following information:

• List of properties owned;

• Preferred cell or other phone number;

• Owner’s authorized agent, if applicable.

In accordance with the CDC and Webster County Public Health’s guidelines, City employees will wear masks when interacting with the public, will maintain proper social distancing and will frequently sanitize hands in between inspection sites to ensure the safety of all parties involved in the inspections process.


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