DNR investigates fish kill in BV County

ALBERT CITY — The Iowa Department of Natural Resources investigated a manure release from a hog producer’s storage tank in Buena Vista County after finding dead fish, manure and elevated ammonia levels throughout four miles of a tributary of the North Raccoon River.

Hog producer Kris Ehlers reported Sunday that a valve on the above-ground tank had failed, releasing an unknown amount of manure. The DNR found the manure pooled near the tank and found that it had run into a grassed waterway.

After checking other potential pollution sources Sunday and Monday, the DNR concluded the source was Ehlers’ farm, possibly through underground tiles. Staff has taken water samples for laboratory analysis and is working with Ehlers to monitor cleanup and consider appropriate enforcement action.

The DNR reminds producers and the public to report tile spills and fish kill by calling the 24-hour spill line at 515-725-8694.


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