Webster County Public Health provides senior health program

Webster County Public Health has services available for senior citizens.

“We have received phone calls from out-of-state children who are concerned about parents or grandparents during the pandemic. We also know that there are seniors who are afraid to leave their homes. We will be the trusted agency for seniors who need help during this time,” said Kari Prescott, director of Webster County Public Health.

Through the senior well-health program, seniors may contact Webster County Public Health to discuss services that they might need such as getting groceries, personal connection, personal care tasks like having toe nails cut, or any other help that they might need during their time at home during the pandemic. Webster County Public Health will also pass along important information to seniors to ensure that they are not giving out personal information like Social Security numbers or Medicare numbers to callers as scams are being reported in the county.

“We don’t want anyone to be taken advantage of so we will be that trusted agency to ensure that all residents have what they need and that no one falls through the cracks,” said Prescott.

Seniors or family members of seniors who would like more information about senior well-health checks should call Webster County Public Health at 515-573-4107.


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