Supervisors chairman endorses Bullock

Supervisor Mark Campbell, chair of the Webster County Board of Supervisors, has endorsed presidential candidate Steve Bullock, Governor of Montana.

The Thursday endorsement accompanied three others in a growing list of rural and swing-county Democratic leaders to endorse the Democratic governor in a field of challengers just starting to see candidates drop out.

“Too often, politicians have walked away from rural and small communities like mine — but not Governor Bullock,” Campbell’s endorsement read. “Steve campaigns where others will not, and he connects with voters in a way that others cannot. That’s precisely the character we need leading our Democratic Party.”

He adds that Bullock has earned his support as a candidate who “will win back the places Democrats have lost and make sure the needs of rural and small-town Iowa are never forgotten.”

The moderate candidate, appearing in state and national polls this year with support in the low single-digits, has differentiated himself in a crowded field as the only candidate with both Governor’s experience and wins in a reliably red state that voted for Trump.