Dragon Boat Bash results released

The results of the Badger Lake Dragon Boat Bash have been released.

Life is Bliss won first place in the BCS Finals with a time of 2.175 minutes. KC Pink Warriors finished second with a time of 2.274. Third place was Fighting Angels Abreast with a time of 2.313.

Team Eagle won the Youth Finals with a time of 2.183. Dragoneirs posted a time of 2.683, placing second.

In Division D, Lysine Lizards recorded a time of 2.126. Hy-Vee Chinese Express had a time of 2.331.

In Division C, Cargill Corn Rowers took home first place with a time of 2.045. Hakuna Ma Tatas wasn’t far behind with a time of 2.047.

Silver Bullet won Division B with a time of 1.887. SRD69 posted a time of 2.008. And Guardsman of the Galazy finished with a time of 2.011.

In Division A, New Coop Dragon Masters were the champions, with a time of 1.748. Cedar River Gang recorded a time of 1.820. And finishing third was INTERSTATES with time of 1.835.