Strengthening Families is enrolling

Strengthening Families Program: 10-14 is currently registering Fort Dodge sixth-graders and their parents for the communication-based prevention program scheduled to begin on Sunday and Monday.

The focus of the seven-week program for parents is to help them establish “love and limits” for their adolescent children. Sixth-graders will develop skills in handling peer pressure and stressful situations.

Research data collected over the last 17 years has shown that in the communities including Fort Dodge who were using the Strengthening Families Program ,youths were less likely to begin substance use (such as alcohol and marijuana) during the middle school years, had better problem-solving skills, were more likely to refuse substances, and received more consistent and less harsh discipline from their parents.

The program is offered free of charge to the families who participate. Sessions are held once a week for seven weeks on Sunday afternoons at St. Paul Lutheran Church, 400 S. 13th Street, and on Monday evenings at First Presbyterian Church, 1111 5th Ave. North.

Registration forms can be returned to their school office.

Online registration is available at www.extension.iastate.edu/webster.

Families may also register at the Webster County Extension & Outreach office. Call Linda Cline at 576-2119 for more information.