Deputy Heesch retires after 29 years

Sgt. Jayson Heesch is retiring from the Webster County Sheriff’s office.

His last day will be Dec. 21, said Webster County Sheriff Jim Stubbs, who praised Heesch’s many years of service with the county.

“Jayson and I started at about the same time,” Stubbs said. “I started in October of ’88, and he started in January of ’89. So we’ve had many years working together.

“It will be a big position to fill.”

Stubbs will begin looking for a new deputy right away; fortunately the list of those eligible to be hired is up to date.

The new hire will bring the sheriff’s office back up to 17 deputies, and enable Stubbs to move a couple people over into investigations as planned.

Deputy Corey Wood, who was hired in July, just got back from the academy and is working with other deputies to continue his training, Stubbs said.