Help for widows and single moms

New Covenant Church to offer free oil changes

-Submitted photo Volunteers from New Covenant Church are shown here from a previous event where they provided free oil changes to widows and single moms with minors living at home.

Volunteers from New Covenant Church are planning to offer free oil changes to widows and single moms with children living at home.

The church is partnering with Fort Dodge Transmission, Laughlin Auto Repair, Advance Auto Parts, Johnston Auto Supply and O’Reilley Auto Parts to offer the service.

New Covenant Church has hosted the program since 2002, according to Josh Carmody, lead pastor.

“We have changed oil in more than 500 cars,” he said.

Carmody said it’s a chance to help someone in need.

-Submitted photo Ed Plansky and Doug Rushton, a children’s pastor at New Covenant Church, work together on an oil change during this event in 2016.

“We just really feel like we need to reach out to the community that we are a part of and to minister to people’s needs that they may have,” he said.

He cited a passage of scripture.

“In James 1:27 it says, ‘pure and genuine religion is caring for orphans and widows in their distress,'” he said. “That’s something we really want to do is take care of those who are in distress or often overlooked.”

The cars will be serviced from 8 a.m. to noon Oct. 14.

Those who wish to have their car serviced need to schedule an appointment by Oct. 6. To schedule an appointment, call Laughlin Auto Repair at 573-5955.

Customers are asked to have their vehicle identification number, year, make , and model, including engine size when they call.

Carmody said it takes about 30 volunteers to make the event happen.

“We have four different crews that will be changing oil,” he said.

While the car is being serviced, women will provide hospitality, he said.

“There will be coffee, cookies, things like that,” Carmody said. “They will sit and talk with them.”

Carmody said the women who bring their cars won’t have to worry about anything.

“The women bring their cars, someone drives it in for them and make sure it’s in good shape,” he said. “They do a little diagnostics for the ladies and let them know if the cars are in good shape or anything else they might need.”

Carmody said the greatest satisfaction in helping others is that he knows it’s appreciated.

“The fact that the women are so appreciative of people taking time out for their day to provide a valuable service,” he said. “It’s fun to see the smiles and the thanks.”

He said the volunteers also have a good time.

“It’s great to see the volunteers come together, get dirty, and have some fun,” he said.

Above all else Carmody hopes to make a positive impact in the community.

“At New Covenant we want to love God, love others, and impact our world,” he said. “The oil change is an opportunity to show this love and hopefully make a difference in the lives of single moms and widows.”