Webster County prepares for possible flooding



Webster County Emergency Management Coordinator Dylan Hagen is asking residents throughout the county to be on high alert as the Des Moines River is expected to rise seven feet within the next four days.

“While we have boats and resources to assist in a time of need, we would like to prevent emergency rescue situations,” said Hagen. “In addition, we want the community to know that the fewer rescues we have, the more we’re able to dedicate those people and resources elsewhere.”

As of Saturday afternoon, the river was at 9.8 feet and rising. Current models predict the Des Moines River to increase to a record level of 17 feet by mid-day Wednesday.

With safety in mind, Hagen is asking residents in the following areas to be on “high alert and stated that they should make plans to evacuate or risk being stranded for potentially several days until water recedes.”

These areas include:

– Riverside Drive near Humboldt County

– Breen Addition

– Madison Avenue near 170th Street

– Riverdale Drive

– Scenic Drive

– First Street Northwest, Fort Dodge

– Phinney Park, Fort Dodge

– East Riverside Drive, Fort Dodge

– Avenue B, Fort Dodge

– South River Road

– Riverside Trail

– Dolliver Memorial State Park

– River Street, Lehigh

– East Main Street, Lehigh

– Pleasant Street, Lehigh

– Maguire Bend Road

– Xavier Avenue

– River Road

Sandbagging efforts have already begun in Lehigh and will continue in effected areas.

“While the water levels are high, we ask citizens to stay away from and refrain from all river activities on the Des Moines River, Lizard Creek, and Soldier Creek. This includes kayaking, tubing, etc.” added Fort Dodge Fire Chief Steve Hergenreter.


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