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Humboldt honors Class of 2024

-Submitted photo
-Submitted photo Humboldt salutatorian Alana Malo (far left) stands with the Class of 2024’s five valedictorians (left to right): Corey Dettmann, Mia DeWinter, Brianna Lange, Reagan Lee, Aries Packard and Peyton Van Pelt.

HUMBOLDT — As the Humboldt High School Class of 2024 prepared to enter the next stage of their lives, they took a moment on Sunday to reflect on the last four years together during the school’s annual graduation ceremony.

Senior Lance Coon paused for a moment and looked back inside the Wildcat gym — where he spent plenty of time with his friends — before moving forward.

“When I received that diploma, it was the closing of a huge chapter of both my life and career on the field,” said Coon, who will attend Iowa Central Community College in the fall and play football. “There were countless trials and tribulations, but with that came successes as well.

“I’ll leave Humboldt without a single regret; every single event I’ve gone through, every decision I’ve made as a kid, has helped shape who I am today.”

A total of 112 seniors officially became graduates on Sunday, with 105 participating in the traditional event of walking across the stage.

That included Reagan Lee, the senior class president, who addressed those in attendance with the welcome before passing things off to 2025 class President Elliot Carlson for the mantle ceremony.

“Graduation represents a culmination of years of hard work, growth and achievement,” Lee said. “It’s a moment of pride and celebration. From my perspective, it symbolizes the power of education to change lives and open doors to new opportunities.

“Humboldt High School has given me many opportunities through the extracurricular activities they offer. I will miss competing in athletics and the memories created through participating in athletics the most.”

Jaynee Depue and Corey Dettmann, the 2024 class vice president, then spoke about the past and looked toward the future.

Coon offered up some words for the next generation to follow him at Humboldt.

“If I could give a piece of advice to the next class, I’d tell them to do what makes them happy; find their passion and don’t lose sight of it,” Coon said. “There are so many distractions and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd, but speaking from my own experience, if you truly love your craft, then avoid all those short-term distractions and set yourself on a path for long-term success both as a person and in your sport of choice.

“Focus on your craft, ask God for guidance, and understand no one’s path is exactly alike. Each of us is just blessed to be here, so make the most of it and don’t leave with what ifs.”

Like Coon, Lee left her classmates with some parting advice.

“Three life lessons that I’d like to share are: To follow your moral convictions rather than those of others because you are the only one who truly knows your situation,” Lee said. “Secondly, remain faithful to your identity and aspirations.

“Third, avoid being the ones who alienate others; be inclusive.”


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