A place to call home

Departing WCHS seniors offer fond glimpse of last four years

-Messenger photo by David Borer
Four Webster City High School graduating seniors capture the moment with a group selfie.


That’s Webster City High School.

Sunday’s graduation ceremony in the competition gym echoed with the theme as Cody Seiser welcomed the crowd at the beginning of the afternoon.

“For me,” he said, “WCHS was the place where I found my second home. This home is a place where I felt I could fully be myself and where I have met some of the most amazing people while in high school.

“I am talking about the music wing of the high school. There I have been able to pursue my passion for music and have created some of the most important connections and memories in my life.”

-Messenger photo by David Borer
Many graduating seniors decorated their mortarboards to express what the day meant to them.

Seiser, Webster City High School senior class president, continued, “I’m sure many of you have a similar place that you hold dear at WCHS, or in Webster City in general. This could be a certain teacher’s classroom, the gym or field where you played your favorite sport, or the table that you always sat at during lunch.

“That is what makes leaving so much harder.”

One hundred and thirty-eight seniors graduated Sunday.

Joleah Stuhr, senior class vice president, focused on home as well.

“Home is a place you grow up. A place where you learn. A place where you make memories. A place where you love. A place where you find yourself.

-Messenger photo by David Borer
Jillian Symens and Codi Seiser process into the Webster City High School Competition Gym at the beginning of the 2024 commencement ceremony.

“Home is Webster City, Iowa,” she said.

“The journey of finding home has been a transformative experience for us all. Whether you started at Pleasant View, Stratford Elementary, Northeast, St. Thomas, or anywhere else, here at Webster City High School is where we all were brought together.”

Earlier in the ceremony, Seiser said, “I realized it wasn’t the music wing that made me happy, it was the people in it. People like Ms. (Greta) Nelson and all my friends in band and choir are the people that made high school worthwhile, even when things got really tough.

“These people are the definition of home to me. I ask that every graduate here think about the people that have made high school a home for you. As you think about these people, I want you to know that no matter how far away you are going after high school, these people will always be there for you.

“And if you can find people like them wherever you go, you will have it made.”

-Messenger photo by David Borer
Graduating senior, Jaxon Cherry, receives his diploma from Webster City Community Schools Board President David Stoakes.

-Messenger photo by David Borer
Graduating senior, Addison Hayes, accepts her diploma from Webster City Community Schools Board President, David Stoakes.

-Messenger photo by David Borer
Once outside, the newly graduated Webster City High School Class of 2024 celebrated by tossing their caps high in the air.


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