Stonega wood house continues to burn

Cause of fire remains unknown

— Messenger photos by Kent Bailey/OHP Marketing The Stonega site is pictured still smoldering Monday.

Fire continued to eat away at the remains of the Stonega wood house on Monday.

The site east of Webster City along old highway 20, owned by United Cooperative, burned Sunday, drawing fire departments from at least four counties.

Nick Woolworth, United Co-op’s general manager, said Monday that the cooperative is working with contractors to clean up the site as the fire will allow.

Not everything at the site burned, he said.

Drone photos capture the damage, and show what is still intact at the site east of Webster City.

— Messenger photos by Kent Bailey/OHP Marketing
The Stonega United Cooperative site east of Webster City is shown in a July 2022 drone photo.

Fire departments from as far away as Alden in Hardin County and Eagle Grove and Clarion in Wright County and Duncombe in Webster County converged on the site to help Hamilton County firefighters fight the fire early Sunday morning.

More than a dozen fire departments responded to the blaze.

The fire was originally called in around 1:15 a.m. The cause is unknown.

An undetermined amount of soybeans and the 1954 wooden elevator and all of its components, as well as two other bins, their contents and all of their components were lost.


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