FD animal breeder rules advanced by City Council

The Fort Dodge City Council is moving to put some more requirements on dog breeders in an effort to put an end to any kind of abuse or neglect in breeding operations.

The changes were suggested last month by Webster County Animal Protection, which provides animal control services to Fort Dodge and Webster County.

The City Council approved the first reading of the new requirement Monday. Councilmembers Cameron Nelson and Megan Secor were absent from the otherwise unanimous vote.

The measure approved Monday would add these requirements to an animal breeding permit, which was already required:

• The address and a description of the type of premise where the breeding animal will be kept. If the breeding is to be done elsewhere, that address must also be provided.

• A veterinarian’s certificate confirming that the breeding animal has been vaccinated.

• A written statement from a veterinarian stating that the animal is healthy enough to breed.

• A microchip number for the animal.

The proposal requires that the enclosure for the breeding animal must be safe and structurally sound.

The measure also states that the breeding operation must not have a significant detrimental effect on the surrounding area.

The proposal must be approved by the council twice more to become law.


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