Council advances dangerous animals measure

A measure clarifying the legal definition of a dangerous animal that must be confined was approved on second reading by the Fort Dodge City Council Monday.

The proposal addresses dogs and cats that have attacked people or other animals.

The city already has a separate law on the books prohibiting people from keeping wild animals in the city. That makes it illegal for residents to keep animals that many would consider dangerous, such as lions, tigers, bears and alligators.

The measure now before the council states “a dangerous animal means any dog or cat or other animal that has bitten or clawed a person while running at large and the attack was unprovoked, or any animal that has exhibited vicious propensities in present or past conduct.”

It then lists seven specific things that would result in a dog or cat being defined as dangerous, such as biting or clawing a person on two separate occasions within a 12-month period.

The measure must be approved once more to become law.


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