Taking center stage with Brayden Schmieder

Developing a presence; Schmieder loves delivering in-depth stage persona

When Brayden Schmieder was entering high school, he wasn’t sure what extracurricular activities he wanted to join.

Just the simple viewing of his eighth grade musical gave him the acting bug.

“What got me into performing was seeing the middle school musical ‘Willy Wonka,”’ Schmieder said. “I had been on the fence about choir and performing, and most of my friends tried talking me into it, but I never budged.

“When I saw ‘Willy Wonka’ all I could think of was wanting to be a part of that, so my eighth grade year I decided I would try it out.”

Ever since then, the stage, whether it be acting, singing or playing a musical instrument has become a love for Schmieder.

Last season as a junior he had lead parts in the fall play, ‘While the Lights Were Out,’ as well as FDSH’s musical ‘Footloose.’

“I love the chance to be someone else,” Schmieder said. “Acting puts me in a mindset of what

my character is thinking, what they act like, and what their personality is like.

“I think analyzing the character and being able to portray it correctly is the most enjoyable part.”

Schmieder loves being on stage, but also the opportunity to define a character and bring his audience along with the development.

“The thing I love most about performing is being able to drag my audience along with my character’s story,” Schmieder said. “To show them the emotions and intentions behind my character.”

Along with acting, Schmieder has been involved in speech, marching band, jazz band, acapella choir, soccer and being a manager for the Fort Dodge girls volleyball team.

“Being involved has helped me meet new friends and has opened up lots of opportunities for me,” Schmieder said. “I think the most important thing about performing is being able to work with and become friends with cast members.

“Being the ‘bad guys’ with my best friends Aaron Amhof and Bo Tracy (in ‘Footloose’) in the spring musical was one of my most memorable moments.”

Schmieder also enjoys exploring new places and going on adventures.

“This last summer I went on a 10 day trip to France and Spain,” Schmieder said. “Everything about it was amazing, but the food was my favorite.

“This trip really showed me that there is so much more to see in the world, and hopefully one day I will get the chance to go and explore more of these places.”

After high school, Schmieder plans on going to Iowa State to major in aerospace engineering, and staying involved with theater.

Vacation destination: Iceland.

People I would like to have dinner with: Patrick Page, Cristiano Ronaldo, Geoff Castellucci.

It would surprise people that: I’ve been to Norway and Sweden.

Performer that inspires me: Patrick Page.

I can’t go a day without: singing.

My everyday role model: my mom.

Where do I see myself in 10 years?

Working at NASA.

What are you listening to: Holler House by Spence Hood.

A show you binge watch: Criminal Minds.

Dream piece: Hades Town.


Musical: Newsies

Performance: I’ve seen Aladdin (Off Broadway).

Book: Booked by Kwame Alexander.

Song: Best Friend

by Rex Orance County.

Musical genre: Musical, Old Rock.

Instrument: Trumpet.

Class: Choir, Band, Math.

Movie: Aladdin

Phone App.: TikTok


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