Snowy day, time to play

Residents battle sloppy road conditions, head for Kennedy Park

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson
Angel Pena, of Fort Dodge, left, is all smiles after pulling her son, Ezekiel Pena, 3, down the hill in a sled at John F. Kennedy Memorial Park on Saturday.

Anyone with a plow truck was in high demand on Saturday in the aftermath of a snowstorm that left at least 10 inches of the white stuff in the Fort Dodge area.

Multiple cars got stuck, even on city streets, Friday night.

Two minor accidents were reported on U.S. Highway 20 in the early morning hours on Saturday, according to Sheriff Luke Fleener. No injuries were reported.

“County road crews were out at 6 and on the gravels by about 9,” Fleener said. “I think we are lucky it was a Friday and today is Saturday because most people are staying put until we get the roads cleared.”

On Saturday afternoon, traffic moved slowly on the snow-covered roads.

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson
Sam Brennan, a student at Iowa Central Community College, lies under a pile of snow at John F. Kennedy Memorial Park on Saturday. Fellow student, Luke Johnson, right, helped bury him.

Fortunately, no major crashes were reported.

“Things have gone pretty good,” said Lt. Don McClaren, of the Fort Dodge Police Department.

Throughout the day, residents worked to dig themselves out. The sound of snow blowers firing up echoed throughout neighborhoods.

When cars did get stuck, it was common to see strangers offer a helping hand or rather a push.

According to the National Weather Service in Des Moines, 10 inches of snow was measured 2 miles northeast of Fort Dodge. Badger had a reading of 10.5 inches as of Friday night.

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson
Lily Moore, 7, of Fort Dodge, right, reacts after she and Lexy Lawler, 7, took a tumble while sledding at John F. Kennedy Memorial Park on Saturday.

Once more residents could gain traction, some made their way out to John F. Kennedy Memorial Park to make the best out of the day.

Angel Pena, of Fort Dodge, was with her son, Ezekiel Pena, 3.

She wanted to ensure that he had a good time. To help accomplish that, she tied a rope to the sled and pulled him down the hill.

“It’s his turn to pull me next,” she said.

Sam Brennan, an Iowa Central Community College student, found himself buried under the snow at the bottom of the hill. He had some help from fellow student, Luke Johnson.

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson
Landon Lawler, 9, of Fort Dodge, slides head first down a snowy hill at John F. Kennedy Memorial Park on Saturday.

“It’s actually kind of warm,” Brennan said.


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