Residential relocations

FD council approves house moves

- Messenger photo by Michaela Frerichs
William and Sandra Porter purchased this house and garage at 224 Sixth St. N.W. from the Fort Dodge city government for $5,000. They will move the buildings to 210 Sixth St N.W. The project is to be done by April 29.

Some houses will be on the move on the northwest side of Fort Dodge.

In September 2021, the City Council bought several properties along the Third Avenue Northwest corridor. Some of that land was purchased to create space for future development, while the rest of it was needed to prepare for realigning Third Avenue Northwest/Hawkeye Avenue.

On Monday, the City Council approved proposals to sell some of the houses on those properties to new owners who will move them.

• A house and garage at 224 Sixth St. N.W. will be moved to 210 Sixth St. N.W. by William and Sandra Porter. They paid $5,000 for the buildings.

• A house and garage at 515 Third Ave. N.W, will be moved to 117 Fifth St. N.W, by Mark and Celia Taylor. The city will reimburse the Taylors $5,000 when the house is moved and renovated.

- Messenger photo by Michaela Frerichs
This house and garage now sit at 515 Third Ave. N.W., but they won't for much longer. Under a plan approved Monday by the Fort Dodge City Council, Mark and Celia Taylor will move them to 117 Fifth St. N.W. They will renovate the house and sell it.

• A garage at 609 Third Ave. N.W. will be moved to 211 Sixth St. N.W, by Justin Porter. He will demolish the rest of the buildings at the Third Avenue Northwest property. He paid $400 for the garage.

• A house at 232 Sixth St. N.W. will be moved to 357 Fifth St. N.W. by Noodle Development LLC. The company paid $100 for the house.

Most of those moving projects will have to be done by the end of April. The Taylors will have until the end of July to finish.


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