Ernst questions aid to Afghanistan

U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst is afraid that American assistance intended to help hungry people in Afghanistan will become a windfall for the Taliban.

The Republican from Iowa is pressing the Biden Administration for answers on how $308 million in American assistance will be spent.

”We have no transparency on how that money will be used,” she said Wednesday.

That money will flow through the Taliban, a regime the United States deposed in late 2001 because of its support for the terrorist group al-Qaeda. The Taliban returned to power last August after American troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan.

The money is intended to help feed an estimated 22 million Afghans. However, Ernst said the Taliban could essentially take it.

She wrote a letter to the Biden Administration, signed by other senators as well, asking for a full accounting of the money.

She noted that former President Bill Clinton put restrictions on aid to Afghanistan in the 1990s that have remained in place until this year.


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