‘It made people smile’

Small tree decorated by several different people

-Messenger photo by April Naeve
This tiny weed tree along the Nature Trail has been decorated by several different people. Robert Allen, of Fort Dodge, posted a picture of it on social media on Saturday. It has since received hundreds of positive reactions.

A small weed tree along the Nature Trail in Fort Dodge was big enough to cause a chain of positive reactions on social media.

The tree was noticed about two weeks ago by Robert and Kathy Allen, of Fort Dodge.

They were taking their golden retriever out for walk when they noticed it. A shiny blue ribbon hung from the top of the tree.

“Someone put a little blue bow on the top of it,” said Robert Allen. “It’s (tree) only about 2 feet tall.”

The Allens decided to add a gold-colored ornament.

The next time they visited the tree, they noticed more ornaments were added.

As of Wednesday, the tree had two gold-colored ornaments, a red one, two white and blue ones, a bell with a star, and an angel ornament.

The tree stands out because everything around it is bare.

“You can’t miss it,” said Allen, a retired educator.

He posted a picture of the tree on social media on Saturday. It has since received over 450 positive reactions.

No one seems to know who placed the first blue bow on the tree, but commenters like to see that random people have added to it.

“It’s obviously been different people because there’s been different things,” Allen said.

Allen said it was nice to have a post like that get so many reactions.

“I’ve never gotten that many responses to anything even when the politics were running hot,” Allen said. “Nothing but positive comments. Love to see it. It made people smile.”

The tree is located about a quarter mile south of bridge No. 7 on the Nature Trail.


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