Webster Co. supervisors approve promotion

Perry to be assistant jail administrator

The Webster County Law Enforcement Center gained a new assistant jail administrator at the regular Board of Supervisors meeting.

Heather Perry’s promotion from corrections officer to assistant jail administrator was approved by the Webster County Board of Supervisors Tuesday morning.

Webster County Sheriff Luke Fleener addressed the supervisors.

“I want to take a moment to recognize Sgt. Heather Perry with her nearly seven years of experience with our department,” he said.

Fleener said after Shawna Dencklau was promoted to jail administrator, they were left with a vacancy for assistant jail administrator and began a search to fill that position.

“During that process, Sgt. Perry did the interview process with several of us and did a work study. She’s shown great enthusiasm and willingness to learn the administrative side of corrections and clearly is the best choice for this position,” said Fleener.

Dencklau also spoke to the Board of Supervisors to offer her support of the promotion.

“Heather has been with us for several years. She started in May of 2015. From there she was promoted to the night shift sergeant with her knowledge of the policies and procedures of the jail. From there for the last two years she was promoted to the day shift sergeant and she has learned a lot more about the inner workings of the jail structure and making new contacts to benefit the jail,” said Dencklau.

“We actually had a couple people apply for the position and it was a very tough decision. We did the work study and Heather excelled at everything that was thrown at her. She will do a great job in this position.”

Perry introduced herself to the board and said, “I’d like to thank both Shawna and Fleener for this opportunity and I’m honored.”

The promotion was approved unanimously by the Board of Supervisors.


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