Chickens and piglets and geese, oh my

Ag education is part of Sac County Fair

-Messenger photo by Michaela Frerichs
Mitchell Nees, of Early, watches calves and geese outside the Ag Learning Center at the Sac County Fair.

SAC CITY — The Sac County Fair is full of livestock, but a place where kids and adults alike can get a closer look is the Ag Learning Center.

Sarah Naberhaus and her family have brought many animals from Schaller to the fair over the past few years to complete the immersive experience of the Ag Learning Center.

The learning center has several types of baby animals and educational displays for fair-goers to learn.

“We just want to teach kids a little about agriculture and where their food comes from and how to take care of animals,” Naberhaus said.

This year, the learning center featured baby turkeys, piglets, calves, a cow and steer, geese, chicks and chicken eggs hatching in an incubator. Naberhaus said the cow is currently supporting several calves so she is milked during the day and adds to the learning experience.

Messenger photo by Michaela Frerichs
A baby chick pokes its foot out of its egg inside the incubator in the Ag Learning Center.

Naberhaus said they get all sorts of visitors during the fair, both those who are and are not familiar with farms.

“We get a mix of kids, some come in multiple times a day to check on the animals and see how the eggs are doing,” she said.

-Messenger photo by Michaela Frerichs
Stubbs, the bearded dragon, receives a pat from owner, Belle Kischer while being presented at the Unusual and Exotic Pet Show.

Messenger photo by Michaela Frerichs
4-H students judge swine during the Livestock Judging Competition. Jadyn Friedrichsen of Wall Lake said, "We are here judging animals to see who can judge them the best and who knows the most about livestock. It's just to get to know about what the judges are judging us on."

Messenger photo by Michaela Frerichs
Tierney Thompson presents her dog, Belle, to the judge at the Sac County Fair Dog Show held Friday afternoon.

Messenger photo by Michaela Frerichs
Special K’z the clown makes small animals out of beads for children at the Sac County Fair.

Messenger photo by Michaela Frerichs
Competitors participate in the Sac County Fair bean bags tournament.


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