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The Messenger’s Home, Garden and Lifestyle Show offers choices

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson
Shelly Jacobi, of Moorland, left, visits with Roger Graham, of Fort Dodge, about products from Tastefully Simple during The Messenger's Home, Garden and Lifestyle Show. Graham took home some ultimate steak seasoning to try with his next meal.

Roger Graham, of Fort Dodge, rarely walks away empty handed from The Messenger’s Home, Garden and Lifestyle Show.

Graham said he’s been attending the show for several years.

“They’ve got choices all over the place,” Graham said. “I come every year. It’s amazing some of the things they offer.”

Rain gutters and a lawn mower are among the purchases Graham has made at previous shows.

“Years ago I had some rain gutters put on my house because they gave me a great price,” he said. “I also bought a lawn mower here years ago.”

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson Aaron Calhoun, a salesman for Beyond Aerus, moves one of the air purifiers for sale during The Messenger's Home, Garden and Lifestyle Show. Calhoun said a lot of customers show interest in the product because of concerns about allergies, asthma and the COVID-19 virus.

On Saturday, during the final day of the show, Graham took home some ultimate steak seasoning to try from a Tastefully Simple vendor.

“I’ve been using four or five different things,” Graham said. “This takes care of all of them in one shot.”

Shelly Jacobi, of Moorland, was manning the Tastefully Simple booth.

She’s been happy to be able to have an in-person event to introduce people to the Tastefully Simple products.

“We are a food company,” Jacobi said. “We have spices, oils, breads.”

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson
Maggie Plahn, a designer for Chalk Couture, holds a decorative sign during The Messenger’s Home, Garden and Lifestyle Show on Saturday. Plahn said wall decor was selling well at the show. She also said many people were signing up for workshops, where people can pick what they want, make it and take it home.

Tastefully Simple’s beer bread mix is one of the more popular items, Jacobi said.

“You can use a can of beer or soda,” she said. “It’s heavenly.”

In terms of spices, Jacobi said the onion onion seasoning and the garlic garlic seasoning are popular.

“Use them in sauces or in hamburgers,” she said. “It replaces the raw product you might use.”

Going along with Tastefully Simple’s theme of “taste the tropics,” Jacobi was also selling sweet and sour pineapple sauce and mango sauce.

Jacobi moved to Webster County from Des Moines about two years ago. She said the show gives her an opportunity to meet new people in the area.

“One of my goals is meet my neighbors, meet the community,” she said. “I am a vendor here, but I also get to meet people in the community.”

Chuy Rivas, of Fort Dodge, said the show offers a chance to purchase products at lower prices.

On Saturday, he was considering purchasing an air purifier.

“It’s allergy season so I’ve been checking out the air purifiers,” he said. “There’s a lot of options. At these home shows, you can get them for half price. I’m glad Fort Dodge has these shows.”

Aaron Calhoun with Beyond Aerus was one of the air purifier vendors at the show.

“We sell NASA-certified air purifiers and Electrolux vacuums,” Calhoun said.

He said customers have been purchasing air purifiers for a variety of reasons.

“A lot of people with allergies, asthma and concerns about the pandemic,” Calhoun said. “We have units that are FDA certified to reduce SARS-CoV-2, viruses, bacteria and mold.”

He said the air purifiers use ActivePure technology, which is used on the International Space Station.

“Our company bought the rights for that technology in 2014,” Calhoun said.

He said the Beyond Aerus purifiers sanitize the air.

“One unit does it all,” he said. “We have units that cover 20,000 square feet on down to 50 square feet.”

Meanwhile, Colin Birzer, of Fort Dodge, was happy to see the American Legion riders on hand.

Birzer also recommended the services of Next Edge Performance.

“Next Edge offers great services,” he said. “Old, young, injured, non-injured, it’s great to get in there and use the PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy), compressions or the oxygen bar.”

Kelsey Felch, manager of Next Edge Performance, was on hand with the oxygen bar.

“We have had a lot of people interested in our oxygen bar,” Felch said. “A lot of entries into our drawing for a free month of membership.”

Felch described the oxygen bar as “refreshing.”

“It’s great to give you energy or relax you,” Felch said.

The oxygen bar features over 25 different fragrances.

Felch said one of her favorites is a combination of almond and vanilla.

Maggie Plahn, of Ogden, was on hand representing Chalk Couture.

She along with Shelly Block, of Manson; April Franke, of Palmer; and Vonnie Doyle, of Ogden, are each designers for Chalk Couture.

“We sell to people who decorate their homes or people who are DIY’ers,” Plahn said. “We have workshops. They can pick whatever they want, make it and take it home.”

Welcome signs and larger framed pieces were on display.

Plahn considered the show a success.

“We have sold a ton of wall decor and a lot of people have signed up for the workshops,” Plahn said.


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