Green eggs and ham for breakfast

Cooper students enjoy literal take on classic book

-Messenger photo by Kelby Wingert
Cooper kindergartener Payton Johnson takes a big bite of green eggs during breakfast on Tuesday morning. The elementary schools in Fort Dodge served green eggs and ham for breakfast in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

Students at Cooper Elementary School were eager to try green eggs and ham for breakfast Tuesday in honor of the birthday of famed children’s author Dr. Seuss.

It didn’t even take any prodding from Sam-I-Am with ideas of trying green eggs and ham in a boat, with a goat, in the rain, on a train, or even in a box with a fox.

While the bright green eggs may have looked like something out of another world, the kiddos eating them weren’t fooled.

“It’s just eggs with dye in it,” said kindergartener Aidric Ausborn, rolling his eyes. “Nothing but eggs.”

Haylee Micholson, another kindergartener, liked her eggs and remembered watching the “Green Eggs and Ham” movie at school.

-Messenger photo by Kelby Wingert
Cooper Elementary School Food Service Specialist Margo Rivas serves green eggs and ham to kindergartener Aidric Ausborn on Tuesday morning.

Her classmate, Payton Johnson, however, was not shy about how much she enjoyed the green-hued scrambled eggs.

“They’re really good — like regular eggs, but green,” she said, adding that regular eggs are supposed to be yellow.

Just like the narrator in the Dr. Seuss classic, the kids did so like green eggs and ham. They would eat them here and there. They would eat them anywhere.


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