Commission addresses property proposals

The Fort Dodge Plan and Zoning Commission on Tuesday moved to help the eventual sale and development of some land along South 32nd Street.

The commission also recommended that a request to vacate some city-owned property on the northwest side of town be rejected.

Both of the commission’s actions were recommendations that now go to the City Council for final action.

South 32nd Street

The property considered by the commission is located along South 32nd Street south of the Almost Home animal shelter. It is owned by Clyde Knupp, of Fort Dodge.

Knupp has proposed dividing the property into three lots that would face South 32nd Street and another section of land labeled an outlot that would be immediately east of those three parcels, but would not have access to the street.

He has informed city officials that he wants to sell the lots for future development, but no specific plans have been announced.

The commission recommended approval of the proposal.

Northwest side

John and Jodi Cerwick, of 312 Ninth Ave. N.W., asked that the city government give up ownership of a 25-foot-long by 350-foot-wide piece of land north of their property. They wanted to acquire that land to add it to their back yard.

The city engineering staff objected to that plan because there is a drainage ditch there that crews must be able to get to for maintenance work.

Because of that objection, the commission recommended denial of the request.


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