Webster County holds highest positivity rate for COVID in state

26 new COVID cases reported

On Friday, Gov. Kim Reynolds pointed to Webster County, citing it as the one with the state’s highest positivity rate for coronavirus.

According to statistics from the Iowa Department of Public Health released this week, 22% of people tested in the county over the last 14 days have been positive.

However, the number of active cases in the county represents a very small portion of the county’s population.

As of Friday, there was 101 active COVID-19 cases in Webster County, where almost 36,000 people reside.

Twenty-six of those cases are new cases confirmed on Friday by Webster County Public Health.

Since testing began in March, there have been a total of 804 positive cases — 450 of those cases have been within the communities in Webster County. The other 354 positive tests have come from the Fort Dodge Correctional Facility. There are 31 open cases at the prison.

Seven Webster County residents have died from the virus since March. Three of those deaths have been attributed to the prison.

Cases in the county fall into the following age categories:

• Children (age 0-17): 36

• Adults (age 18-40): 411

• Middle aged adults (age 41-60): 246

• Older adults (age 61-80): 96

• Elderly (81+): 15

Webster County Public Health continues to remind residents that it’s imperative people remain at home if they are not feeling well.

Residents should not go to work or out into the public if they are sick.

Those with any symptoms, even those they’re not sure are due to COVID-19, should remain home until they know with certainty to avoid exposing others.

Public Health says if you have been exposed to a positive COVID-19 individual, follow CDC guidelines and self-isolate at home until you know if you are symptomatic or test positive.

Additionally, residents are reminded to refrain from being in close contact with someone that you are not co-exposed to or typically around. If you are not sure of others’ exposure risks, make sure to wear a mask. If social distancing isn’t possible, wear a mask.

If you have a question about exposures, symptoms, etc. please call the Webster County Public Health COVID Hotline at 515-227-7153 or email at WebCoCOVID@webstercountyia.org.


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